Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Potty Training...Jayden

Potty Training has NOT been easy....
Ok I am asking for some help... My little man does not want to get this. He does really well at school but at home NO... "I ask him every few minutes do you need to use the potty" and he says "NO mommy I don't have to go" then a few minutes later he pee's his pants. He uses this funny phrase, "it's broken" I try not to laugh but that's so cute.

At school now he does fine. No accidents nothing... I know it because he see's the other kids, but at home, Nope... I do not remember Nekko taking this long.

I have the cute truck potty that makes noise, I give him treats, stickers, praise him.
What else? Any Tips??
So please give me any suggestions that may help.

1 comment:

  1. put him on a schedule and then make him a chart. for everytime he goes "potty" on the potty, he gets a sticker! :)

    when he gets X amount of stickers, he gets the prize he really wants.... :) it worked for me. haha

    anyway, glad to have seen you again at the show in texas. i keep running into you. haha